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BD DIAMONDS company established by Alon Ben-Dor in Bangkok Thailand more than 12 years ago. In his early days of a gemologist, Alon used to trade diamonds in the Diamond and Jewelry Center of Bangkok. Today the home base of BD DIAMONDS is in the world’s largest diamond exchange center in Ramat Gan, Israel.
During his period in the Far East, Alon got much experience in raw materials as well as in the final product. His passion for raw material took a sharp turn when he has exposed to gold jewelry combined with diamonds and was fascinated by the result of inlaid diamond jewelry.
BD DIAMONDS offers a wide selection of Engagement rings. Pendant, Earrings, and other designers diamond jewelry from different collections and different natures. Our shop offers a variety of models for any budget and any taste.
Are you looking for unique or one of a kind jewelry? We also provide custom manufacture jewelry per request.
BD DIAMONDS is a home for jewelry with character.

We invite you to be impressed by the world of BD DIAMONDS on our website or social media. Despite the special situation that we are facing, we continue to create and fulfill your dreams, we strongly recommend obeying the instructions of the Ministry of Health’s instructions,

Promise an effective online response, reach you at no additional cost, and as quickly as possible to make you happy and excited.


It's important that you know

Our jewelry was made with a great deal of love and thought and we believe in our products with complete faith.

The diamonds are carefully selected by Oak and every piece of jewelry that comes out of our workshop is attached with a lifetime warranty.

The models on the site were taken to illustrate their exact appearance for an optimal online shopping experience.

You can return a piece of jewelry purchased with us up to 90 days from the date of purchase and receive a full refund for it.

Each jewel is accompanied by a certificate from a gemological lab, a formal “identity card” that describes the jewelry and diamond details by a certified gemological lab.

We remove a number of mechanisms in the manufacturing and sales process, thus significantly reducing the product price for our customers.

We invite you to be impressed with our jewelry collection with your own eyes in our workshop,

where we will be happy to answer any questions that arise through professional advice.